Fine Limoges porcelain lamp, handmade with slab technique.


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The “Autumn lamps” collection is dedicated to the fabulous landscapes of autumn. The collected deciduous leaves become material to be imprinted on the material, enhancing its shapes and veins by means of light.

The thinness of the porcelain is the same as that of the leaves; the randomness of the design is the casualness with which the leaves fall in the woods in autumn; the light that passes through them is the light that illuminates their changing colors as the wind moves them…

The processing is perceptible to the touch: by passing a hand over the surface, the movement given by the overlapping of the leaves can be distinguished.

When the lamp is off, it is white; the tone assumed after switching on may vary according to the bulb used

The lamp is intended for internal use only.

Handcrafted product that uses new and CE certified electrical parts.

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14 cm


26 cm

Cable length

120 cm

Power om


Electric socket

Type C2poles/CEE7/16

Bulb socket

E27 (the use of Max 8W LED is recommended)