The thin white thread is my means of expression, my gaze on reality.
I like handling porcelain as a cloth reducing it into thin threads to weave together and randomly overlap to create big bundles of porcelain that “protect” or “close” in a shape like cotton bandages
White is my favvorite color, with the sense of lightness and purity that inspires, and the biscuit surface t hat allow you to better perseive the complex processing and make each object a visul and actile experience.
Nothing is static: porcelain becomes thread, thread becomes object or fabric, fabric sometimes becomes light; each work is the product of the union between the gaze, the material and the heat of the Kiln in which it take shape.


1999 Degree in Architecture- Politecnico di Torino
2005 Piero Maddalena –Certaldo- Itay
2005-2007 Elisabetta Vacca -Turin-Italy
2009-2011 Luca Tripaldi –Turin-Italy
2012 Natalie Domingo– Sevres – France


2023 Resonance(s)-Salon Européen des Métiers D’Art -Strasbourg-France
2023 International Glass & Ceramic Biennial – Haach-Belgium
2022 Resonance(s) – Strasbourg – France
2022 XXIII International Ceramic Fair – Florence – Italy
2022 Argilla’ Faenza-International Ceramic Fair– Faenza- Italy
2022 Porzellan Biennale – Meissen – Germany
2022 Topfermakt Gmunden – Gmunden – Austria
2022 Terralha– Festival Européen des Arts Céramiques – Saint-Quentin-la- Poterie- France
2021 III International Biennial of decorative Applied Arts – Special prize-
Tashkent- Uzbekistan
2021 Premio BACC- Collective Exhibition- Frascati- Italy
2021 III Terrae- Turin – Italy
2021 XXII International Ceramic Fair – Florence – Italy
2021 III Ceramic Fair–Verona- Italy
2021 Made in Italy – Faenza – Italy
2020 Saint-Sulpice Céramique -Paris-France selected
2020 Made in Italy -Faenza-Italy
2019 Le Printemps des Potiers – Bandol- France
2019 International Ceramic Fair -Verona- Italy
2019 “Terrae” Turin-Italy
2019 Keramikmarkt Naturno –Italy
2019 “Intrecci” –Collective Exhibition- Gart Gallery – Neive Italy
2018 Keramik und Porzellan im Augarten – Wien – Austria
2018 Argilla’ Faenza- International Ceramic Fair- Faenza- Italy
2018 “Ceramica in Circolo” –Collective Exhibition– Faenza – Italy
2018 “Ceramics in Love” –Collective Exhibition– Castellamonte – Italy
2017 Keramik und Porzellan im Augarten – Collective Exhibition-Wien-Austria
2017 Le Printemps des Potiers – Collective Exhibition- Bandol- France
2017 III National Competition CeramicAppignano- Selected – Collective Exhibition-Appignano- Italy
2016 Argilla’ Faenza- International Ceramic Fair– Faenza- Italy
2015 XVI International Ceramic Fair –Florence – Italy
2015 Argilla’ Argentona-International Ceramic Fair– Argentona – Spain
2015 VI International Competition – Selected- Collective Exhibition-Cerreto Sannita – Italy
2014 XV International Ceramic Fair –Florence – Italy
2014 International Ceramic Fair– Montelupo Fiorentino- Italy
2013 V Ceramic Triennal in Este – Selected “In e Out”-Collective Exhibition – Este – Italy
2013 Keramina – Cecina- Italy
2012 XIII International Ceramic Fair -Florence– Italy
2012 IV Ceramic Exhibition -Murazzano- Italy
2011 XII International Ceramic Fair –Florence – Italy