My work explores the potential of porcelain by mean of different techniques; several artworks and collections share the softness of shapes, whose basic design is combined with movements and deformations created by high firing temperature.
I like handling porcelain as a cloth, emphasizing the softness and lightness or cut to thin wires to weave together and randomly overlap to create big bundles of porcelain that “protect” or “close in” a shape like cotton bandages.
In lamps collections, porcelain is worked in very thin slabs where I like to combine texture’s effects with designs created by removing part of the material; for all my artworks I want to have a double function: visual ad tactile.


1999  Degree in Architecture- Politecnico di Torino
2005  Piero Maddalena –Certaldo- Itay
2009-2011 Luca Tripaldi –Torino-Italy
2012  Natalie Domingo– Sevres – France


2019 Le Printemps des Potiers – Bandol- France
2019 International Ceramic Fair -Verona- Italy
2019 “Terrae” Torino-Italy
2019 Keramikmarkt Naturno –Italy
2019 “Intrecci” –Collective Exibition- Gart Gallery – Neive Italy
2018 Keramik und Porzellan im Augarten – Wien – Austria
2018 Argilla’ Faenza-Fiera International Ceramic Fair- Faenza- Italy
2018 “Ceramica in Circolo” –Collective Exibition– Faenza –  Italy
2018 “Ceramics in Love” –Collective Exibition– Castellamonte – Italy
2017  Keramik und Porzellan im Augarten – Collective Exibition-Wien-Austria
2017  Le Printemps des Potiers – Collective Exibition- Bandol- France
2017  III National Competition CeramicAppignano- Selected – Collective Exibition-Appignano- Italy
2016  Argilla’ Faenza- International Ceramic Fair– Faenza- Italy
2015  XVI International Ceramic Fair –Florence – Italy
2015  Argilla’ Argentona-International Ceramic Fair– Argentona – Spain
2015  VI International Competition – Selected- Collective Exibition-Cerreto Sannita – Italy
2014  XV International Ceramic Fair –Florence – Italy
2014  International Ceramic Fair– Montelupo Fiorentino- Italy
2013  V Ceramic Triennal in Este – Selected “In e Out”-Collective Exibition –  Este – Italy
2013  Keramina – Cecina- Italy
2012  XIII International Ceramic Fair -Florence– Italy
2012  IV Ceramic Exibition -Murazzano- Italy
2011  XII International Ceramic Fair –Florence – Italy