The thin white thread is my means of expression, my gaze on reality.
I like handling porcelain as a cloth reducing it into thin threads to weave together and randomly overlap to create big bundles of porcelain that “protect” or “close” in a shape like cotton bandages
White is my favorite color, with the sense of lightness and purity that inspires, and the bisque surface that allow you to better perceive the complex processing and make each object a visual and tactile experience.
Nothing is static: porcelain becomes thread, thread becomes object or fabric, fabric sometimes becomes light; each work is the product of the union between the gaze, the material and the heat of the Kiln in which it take shape.


1999 Degree in Architecture- Politecnico di Torino
2005 Piero Maddalena –Certaldo- Itay
2005-2007 Elisabetta Vacca -Turin-Italy
2009-2011 Luca Tripaldi –Turin-Italy
2012 Natalie Domingo– Sevres – France


2022 Resonance(s) – Strasbourg – France
2022 XXIII International Ceramic Fair – Florence – Italy
2022 Argilla’ Faenza-International Ceramic Fair– Faenza- Italy
2022 Porzellan Biennale – Meissen – Germany
2022 Topfermakt Gmunden – Gmunden – Austria
2022 Terralha– Festival Européen des Arts Céramiques – Saint-Quentin-la- Poterie- France
2021 III International Biennial of decorative Applied Arts – Special prize-
Tashkent- Uzbekistan
2021 Premio BACC- Collective Exhibition- Frascati- Italy
2021 III Terrae- Turin – Italy
2021 XXII International Ceramic Fair – Florence – Italy
2021 III Ceramic Fair–Verona- Italy
2021 Made in Italy – Faenza – Italy
2020 Saint-Sulpice Céramique -Paris-France selected
2020 Made in Italy -Faenza-Italy
2019 Le Printemps des Potiers – Bandol- France
2019 International Ceramic Fair -Verona- Italy
2019 “Terrae” Turin-Italy
2019 Keramikmarkt Naturno –Italy
2019 “Intrecci” –Collective Exhibition- Gart Gallery – Neive Italy
2018 Keramik und Porzellan im Augarten – Wien – Austria
2018 Argilla’ Faenza- International Ceramic Fair- Faenza- Italy
2018 “Ceramica in Circolo” –Collective Exhibition– Faenza – Italy
2018 “Ceramics in Love” –Collective Exhibition– Castellamonte – Italy
2017 Keramik und Porzellan im Augarten – Collective Exhibition-Wien-Austria
2017 Le Printemps des Potiers – Collective Exhibition- Bandol- France
2017 III National Competition CeramicAppignano- Selected – Collective Exhibition-Appignano- Italy
2016 Argilla’ Faenza- International Ceramic Fair– Faenza- Italy
2015 XVI International Ceramic Fair –Florence – Italy
2015 Argilla’ Argentona-International Ceramic Fair– Argentona – Spain
2015 VI International Competition – Selected- Collective Exhibition-Cerreto Sannita – Italy
2014 XV International Ceramic Fair –Florence – Italy
2014 International Ceramic Fair– Montelupo Fiorentino- Italy
2013 V Ceramic Triennal in Este – Selected “In e Out”-Collective Exhibition – Este – Italy
2013 Keramina – Cecina- Italy
2012 XIII International Ceramic Fair -Florence– Italy
2012 IV Ceramic Exhibition -Murazzano- Italy
2011 XII International Ceramic Fair –Florence – Italy